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Cost of going on vacation: 11 total costs of going on vacation   

Before going on vacation you may be asking yourself, what is the total cost of vacation? Below you can see estimates of vacation costs broken down into all of the different components including some costs you may not have thought about. You can click on each vacation cost for more information and even to make purchases. You can also make a customized budget to see what your personal cost of vacation would be. Also see our articles on the cost of going on vacation.

Example*: One week for two people staying within the US
Cost Name Description Frequency Typical Range Example Cost*
Hotel Hotel prices run the gamut from deeply discounted motels to luxurious resorts (in some cases with food and drink included). Location obviously plays a large role here as well. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $350 - $3,500 $2,100
Food Unless your hotel offers an all-inclusive package where food is included in the price you will need to budget for food. Typically the cost of food in popular tourist spots is high including any restaurants in your hotel. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $250 - $750 $525
Airfare Unless your destination is close you will usually end up on an airplane. The further the distance the more expensive typically. Domestic round trip flights are under $600 per person most of the time but international flights can be substantially more. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $150 - $600 $400
Activities This cost varies based on the individuals interests. Some people will sit by the pool and relax but others will want to go explore and do the things that the destination is known for. Examples of activities include museums, shopping, sporting events, hiking, shows, fitness activities, and anything else the area is known for (think gambling in Las Vegas). (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time Varies Greatly $300
Rental Car or Taxi Once you get to your destination you will usually need a vehicle to get around. Same goes for getting to and from the airport. Choices here are to rent a car, take taxis, or other public transportation.. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $100 - $300 $230
Hotel surcharges Many hotels advertise one price and then add additional daily fees to your bill. The fees are usually for internet access, parking, fitness center, and even just a blanket surcharge. These charges can be small or quite expensive at nicer resorts and as they are usually assessed everyday they can add up quickly. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $0 - $200 $60
Baggage Fees Many airlines now charge baggage fees to check luggage or even carry-on items. The first bag is usually the cheaper than a second bag. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $0 - $100 $50
Parking If you rent a car you may have to pay parking at the hotel and at other places you go. Cities are usually the worst when it comes to expensive parking. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $0 - $200 $50
Trip Insurance Trip insurance typically provides coverage for several things that can happen with your trip but coverage will vary based on the insurer and the plan you choose. Typical coverage is for trip cancelation, trip interruption, lost or delayed luggage, medical evacuation, disability, and rental car insurance. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $25 - $150 $50
Passport If you are traveling internationally you will require a passport. This document is issued by the government and is a must have for any foreign travel. (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time $100 - $200 $0
Tours/Excursions This cost is typically found on cruises and refers to the activities when venturing off of the boat (cruises typically dock several times during the trip). The price for one excursion can range from around $75 (bus tour) to easily several hundred dollars (scuba, snorkeling, adventure hiking, swimming with dolphins, etc.). (More info on this Vacation cost)

One Time Varies Greatly $0
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